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cd-featured-bannerjpgIn a developing country like India, where housing construction and infrastructure building projects are growing at an unprecedented rate, so is the C&D waste. In line with the sustainable development goals, it is also imperative to bring into focus “How to manage the enormous C&D waste generated”. According to the Building Material Promotion Council, the country generates an estimated 150 million tonnes of C&D waste every year but recycles only 1% of it, which create issues like solid waste pollution, land depletion, air pollution, etc.

In the last few months, the Govt. of India has clearly shown its intent to focus on faecal sludge management, including C&D waste. CDE Asia also aims not only to minimize this C&D waste but also to convert this waste into a usable and valuable resource.

Indian Government Policy Intervention to reduce waste from C&D

In the recently concluded budget, Finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman unveiled Swachh Bharat 2.0 and allocated 1.41 lakh crore rupees which will be spent over five years from 2021. The government is focused on reducing air pollution by managing waste from construction and demolition and bioremediation of dumpsites.

In a recent press release, NITI Aaayog also stressed the fact that India must move towards a circular economy by striving to use resources sustainably. According to NITI Aayog, 11 Committees have been formed to expedite the transition of the country from a linear economy to a circular economy. Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs will prepare a comprehensive plan along with carrying necessary modalities to manage construction waste.

Recently, Rajasthan Government has also released the much-awaited m-sand (sand produced from crushing stones) policy which gives industry status to the companies producing these sand for construction activities. CM Ashok Gehlot, in his statement, said, “Sufficient quantity of sand [for construction] is not available in Rajasthan in the wake of judicial orders and environment-related procedures. The new policy will ensure availability of M-sand as a long-term alternative to natural bajri.”

Our solution to manage C&D waste

Patented Eco-friendly technology from CDE Asia processes C&D wastes and helps recover high quality M-sand, which can be used in a range of construction applications. C&D waste recycling solution from CDE not only ensures to satisfy the demand for sand and aggregates from a sustainable source but also can help the country to transform into a circular economy. Our compact plant is extremely energy efficient, and recycles upto 95% water further contributing to the environment. Together we can create a greener & cleaner environment by recycling C&D waste and choose recycled products.

Being the global leaders in wet equipment processing technologies, CDE Asia has set high benchmarks when it comes to quality and innovation in each of its products. Thanks to our stringent customer-centric approach, we take care that our equipment is intuitive to the many challenges of the modern day business, quarry, mine or plant owner. As a result, our rigorous R&D operations make sure that all our products concentrate on providing extended equipment life along with highest output quality, translating to maximum ROI for our customers.

Compactness and Modularity:

Our team of expert innovators are continuously striving to create machines that are compact and maintain heightened levels of efficiency. Each of our products are scrutinized under Finite Element Analysis to ensure that only the optimum amount of steel is used and their weight remains regulated for minimum power consumption.

Optimum Energy Utilisation:

We are sensitive to the fine balance between quality product output and profitability for the customer. As a result of this, our R&D team is dedicated to establishing best practices in energy utilisation across the product line.  All our products reuse 95% of the water, maximizing energy savings and reducing environmental impact. This, apart from the intelligent design that is mindful of excesses in material and weight go a long way in optimizing energy usage, ensuring higher returns for the customer.


At CDE Asia, it has been an exhilarating journey for us in pioneering never before innovations in sustainable solutions for some of the most stubborn problems facing businesses and the ecology today. Take for instance, ReUrban, our Construction & Demolition Waste Recycling solutions technology that transforms waste into industry grade sand aggregate, and brings hope for the ever expanding demands of the burgeoning urban landscape. Hailed as a revolution in the global wet processing market, CDE Asia’s patented Combo platform converts crushed rock fines to Manufactured Sand (M Sand), which acts as a superior, high grade alternative to natural riverine sand. To ensure minimum environmental impact, Combo’s patented modular design allows for limited vehicle movement that saves on fuel costs and leaves the least impact while managing waste.

Easy to install:

CDE Asia equipment is factory built, pre-wired and tested to enable smooth and easy commissioning. As our customer, you experience only the smoothest and completely hassle-free functioning that puts your mind at peace. Our plants leave minimum geographical or environmental footprints and ensure that they run at highest operational capacity throughout the year.

For over a decade, we have been championing the cause of sustainable and inclusive solutions for construction, mining and waste management industries across the world. At CDE Asia, we have, through our patented innovations, tried to combat some of the ecology’s major concerns such as the over exhaustion of natural resources impacting the future of humankind. In this momentous quest, we as an organization have always kept our customers at the forefront. Our research continues to be dedicated to the business owners of today and tomorrow, the makers of a smarter future by choosing equipment that is designed for maximum performance and the greater good.


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